Collection: Gibby

Hello,my artist name is Gibby, given to me by a friend I met along the way, and I have been creating art for over 20 years while incarcerated. I became an artist because I admired my older brothers drawings from an art class, and like most younger brothers wanted to be like him; so when I had the opportunity to take some classes,I took advantage of my circumstance. In one of the prisons ,they offered art classes; initially things weren't going so well, the interest wasn't there or I didn't like having to practice but with a bit of encouragement from the instructor, I found myself learning and progressing. Once the community service director seen my interest was genuine, I was invited into the program. Over time I had to move on to find the space to find my own artistic voice. I had to learn the processes of creating and not just coping a picture. I started with monsters, wildlife and portraits, each one has its own dynamic and style; I learned from other artists and by experimenting on my own and have progressed into a pretty good painter. The portraits were a struggle early on but today I think they have a nice style, the monochromatic one's in blue tones are my favorite, the one on the site is of Twitch the dancer. Anyway remember that the better the reference that I have of you the better job I can do for you, I don't need the body just from the shoulders up,so I can see the details.