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Everyone has a story to tell. And I truly believe that we've all been blessed with certain abilities/gifts which allow us to share our particular stories in a way that is as unique as the one telling it. I've ALWAYS loved poetry, be it written or the spoken word. Something magical happens within when I'm, not only inspired to express an emotion or frame of thought, but can actually find the words I need; and actually arrange them in a way which then properly articulates what I'm trying to convey. We all want to be heard. We all NEED to be heard. Poetry is my voice. At times I can use that voice to be a light; helping to guide people through darkness. Other times the light is used to show people where I am WITHIN the darkness, allowing them to help guide me. Poetry is my bridge of connection. Showing other (as well as myself) that we are NEVER alone, and every piece performed is me extending my hand to anyone who feels they are. Stay Blessed.

Kane the Word Smith.

Spoken word poetry available on: Spotify. Apple Music & iTunes.

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