Collection: Pieces Made By Artist Vinson

Artist Biography for Horace Vinson Jr. AKA Bo Vinson

Prior to my incarceration I did not fully realize my artistic ability. When I was transferred to my current prison in Grafton Ohio that allowed inmates to participate in an Arts and Crafts program I immediately took advantage of the opportunity. With a creative mind and not being afraid to fail I taught myself the artistic skills I have acquired through trial and error. My goal is to do better  and more detailed and unique pieces than the one before. The greatest feeling for me is to have others enjoy my work by touching their hearts and opening their minds. My favorite pieces to make are for the people I love. My wife ,son, mom , dad, family and friends. My  wife ,mom and son have been my biggest  supporters and I thank God that he has blessed me with the ability to work with my hands to have a chance to provide for my family and myself through the sale of my art work. It is my core belief that a man's role is among other things a provider for his family. When a man is incarcerated that ability is taken from him as punishment and his family pays that price. Having this platform to sell my art work allows me to show my son how a man should use his skills to provide and be a role model for his children. Show my wife that I can be the Husband  she deserves under any conditions and be a son my mom and dad can be proud of even if I am in prison. Perseverance overcomes adversity and Love conquers all.