Collection: Steven Yee (Yee Systems)


My name is Steven Wayne Yee, creator and trainer of Yee Systems also known as “The
Missing Piece of the Puzzle” I use my God given ability and knowledge to teach those who
strive to reach their genetic potential, and help to enable them to react and respond to the
unexpected rigors of life.


Yee Systems is currently a six volume, eleven book, highly effective training method
unlike any training program in the world. The Yee Systems training books are currently
available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Walmart.
What separates Yee Systems from other fitness programs is the partner resistance training
system that is unpredictable from one repetition to the next. Yee Systems uses your
workout partners body weight and off balance resistance to achieve what machines and
weights cannot do. Yee Systems never repeats the same sequence of exercise and can be
done from beginners to the advanced athlete. Yee Systems can also be done in addition to
any and all other sports programs, or conducted separately in accordance with the
infrastructures within Volumes I – VI and future volumes, (Yee Systems for Basketball),
Yee Systems volumes 7A – 7B (The Masterpiece of the Puzzle) and Yee Systems (Beyond


Strong Styles Martial Arts Training Center
6900 Granger Rd, Independence, OH 44131
The owner of the training center, Marcus Marinelli coined the phrase “The missing piece
of the puzzle.”
Westside Barbell “The worlds strongest gym”
457 Industry Road, Columbus, Ohio 43204
The late Louie Simmons gave Yee Systems seminars and books to professional athletes
and coaches.
Aim Performance Training
7266 Commerce Dr. Mentor Ohio 44060
Aim Performance is currently using Yee Systems in their curriculum.

The best kept secret in athletic performance is slowly reaching the public and those who
have witnessed or trained with Yee Systems have all stated, “They’ve never seen anything
like this before.” This includes seasoned gym owners, coaches, trainers, as well as amateur
and professional athletes.


Yee Systems is inexhaustible and can be customized to all walks of life, from preteens to
the elderly. Yee Systems will help those physically fit to the handicapped, as well as
wounded warriors who spend long periods in the hospitals convalescing.
There are no two people alike, so why train to match another's performance using stone age
workouts and mindless repetition. Gentlemen, the evolution of training with Tyro Fitness
has no limitations, and can help everyone around the world.