Artist Purchasing and Sales Agreement

Sticks from the Yard LLC

Purchasing and Sales Agreement


  • Send clear close up pictures from font and side views. If picture is of painting or drawing frontal view is all that’s needed. Send this picture to our email with a brief description of the items size, materials made of, and the price you want to sell it for.
  • Once we receive ALL of the above information we will email a response to inform you if we are interested in purchasing your item. If Sticks from the Yard LLC is interested in purchasing your item we will agree to your price or we will give you an offer we are willing to purchase the item for.
  • If both parties agree on a sale price you must have a Pay Pal account for Sticks from the Yard LLC to send payment to. In order for the payment to be sent to the Pay Pal account of your choice the following steps must be taken:
    1. You are responsible for securely packaging your item in a manor where it will not be damaged during the shipping process. Sticks from the Yard LLC will not accept any damged item. If we receive a damaged item Sticks from the Yard LLC will return the item at your expense.
    2. Ship the securely packaged item to:

Sticks From The Yard

P.O. Box 29

Mentor, Ohio 44061


  1. It is highly recommended that you get a tracking number for your package. Sticks from the Yard LLC will not be responsible for any packages that are lost in the delivery process. Once Sticks from the Yard LLC receives your package we will inspect the item for damage and assess the cost of postage. This process is video recorded for quality assurance. We will compare the item received to the pictures you sent to our email. If the item and picture don’t match we will not accept the item and we will send it back to you at your expense.
  2. If we receive the item and it matches the picture and is undamaged Sticks from the Yard LLC will reimburse you for postage costs and send the agreed upon payment to your Pay Pal account within two business days. Sticks from the Yard LLC will only send payment via Pay Pal no exceptions will be made.
  • Once Sticks from the Yard LLC purchases your item we reserve the right to use, market, and display in any manor Sticks from the Yard LLC deems fit for promoting its sale. The item becomes sole property of Sticks from the Yard INC LLC.
  • The terms of purchase described above herein must be agreed to before Sticks from the Yard LLC will purchase any item from an incarcerated adult. This can be acknowledged in an email at the beginning of the purchasing process. This same purchase agreement can be found on our website at